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4 Easy Mentoring Techniques Any Business Can Adopt

Not every organization has the time and resources necessary to create an effective mentoring program. Even if this is the case, there's no reason not to adopt some simple mentoring techniques in the workplace. The following methods, don't require any planning, can boost office moral and generally make the office a nicer place to work for all involved.

1. Open, free communication

Honest communication is the cornerstone of any good mentoring program, but you don't need to have a formal education program to establish clear lines of communication and transparent codes of conduct.

Ensuring that all employees are given space to talk about their work and environment can help establish clear expectations.

Open communication in the workplace helps everyone learn what is expected of them, what needs to be improved and creates a learning environment.

It also has the added benefit of reinforcing a sense of responsibility and accountability in employees.

2. Reward hard work

A formal rewards program can help give employees an incentive to excel in their work.

You don't have to dole out expensive reward packages, a simple gift card or coupon lets employees know that their work is valued.

If you don't have the resources to do so, then thank them verbally, or in writing. When doing so, make sure to be specific, generic emails won't cut it. Mention employees by name and make reference to their specific duties, that's sure to leave a good impression.

It doesn't take much time or effort to do so and can help increase job satisfaction while also providing returns to business owners.

3. Ask for feedback

Meet with employees on a regular basis and find out what they need to make their jobs easier. Let them know that the company is invested in their success.

This can be easily done through group emails, or online polls. Learn to identify bottlenecks in office workflow and devise ways to make everyone's job easier.

4. Provide opportunity

A great way to improve office moral and job satisfaction is to assign employees to high-profile projects as a sign of your confidence in their abilities.

No one likes the feeling of being stuck in a dead-end job, so take the time to remind employees that hard work is rewarded.

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