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Greek mythology provides the origin of the term ‘mentor’. The goddess Athene assumed the identity of a noble, Mentor, to guide and teach Telemachus, son of Odysseus.

Modern-day mentors assume diverse roles. Business mentoring moves towards coaching in a corporate setting, helping to develop management skills, promote diversity or introduce new graduates to the business world.

Elsewhere, mentoring moves towards counselling, for example in seeking to break the cycle of substance abuse or criminal offending, or develop key learning skills in young underachievers.

The way in which the mentor aims to transfer ownership of the learning process to the mentee is the key to successful mentoring.

Discovering Mentoring explores differing aspects of mentoring, all sharing a common theme - change, growth and learning.

Hertfordshire Health Promotion
Developing and initiating employee health promoting programmes.
Breaking the Glass Ceiling at Aer Rianta, Dublin
Mentoring programmes for women and cross-gender issues.
Work & Learning Club
Aims to reach long term unemployed people in Belle Isle & Hunslet in south Leeds, and offer them help in carrying out a project of their own choosing which will lead them into work, education, training or community activity.
Mentoring in Voluntary Organisations
A scheme specifically designed to assist ‘keyworkers’ within the voluntary sector in Hertfordshire.
Mentoring Conversations
An annotated extract from a mentoring conversation.
The Homelessness Access Project
Aims to remove the barriers homeless young people face in accessing mainstream training programmes and finding jobs.
The WINGS Programme
Is a new concept of using mentoring to assist young companies with high potential, preferably within the international arena.

Mentoring Research

Mentoring in Mainland Europe and the Republic of Ireland

Interim report on features of practical mentoring schemes in Western Europe outside the UK. The author undertook a literature and internet review on behalf of Herts TEC, involving field trips where appropriate. Further details are awaited on mentoring schemes in the start-up phase.

PDF Document (45k) Word Document - zipped (20k)
The advantages and disadvantages of using email to support distant mentoring

As computer-assisted learning is becoming widespread, mentoring or coaching via e-mail is increasing. Computer-assisted learning includes computer-based training, interactive training programmes and materials downloaded from the internet.

Word Document - zipped (47k)

Please contact us if you have news of mentoring schemes not discussed in Discovering Mentoring.