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Guest post guidelines

If you are looking for a site where you can share your writing, we definitely want to hear about it.

Here in Mentors Forum, we are always on the look for fresh write-ups that can contribute to our growing community. If you have an article that can connect to our goals, we surely want to hear it!

Some possible topics (but not limited from these):

  • Job application tips
  • Career-related posts
  • Mentoring guidelines

What Can You Get from Us?

Of course, there's something for you once you share your write-up with us:

  • Exposure on your articles, and you of course, as the author.
  • You will be exclusively part of our growing family.
  • Share and gain experiences in our community.

What To Do?

  1. Email your article
  2. For every post, ensure you include your name and a short bio of up to 100 words. This acknowledges you as the author and shouldn't be used for advertisement purposes. Also, we do not pay for the publication nor the content submitted to us. You can add one link in your bio.
  3. We allow 2 links to be included in the body of your article. However, links to affiliated sites, MLM, adult content and junk sites are not permitted.
  4. Your article must be unique and must not be published on other websites. After publishing your article, you agree that this site owns the copyright to your article.
  5. Images should be included in the post. It should not be wider than 533px and must be original or from a public domain. Please tell us the source of the image(s).
  6. Once published, you agree that your article becomes the copyright of our site.
  7. We have the right to decline an article, post and comment that is inappropriate or can destroy the reputation and credibility of our site.
  8. Writers are expected to follow copyright laws and ensure they do not infringe upon other people's rights.
  9. Authors are expected to edit their posts before submission.